MPLAY 1.8.6

Very user-friendly media player


  • Very lightweight
  • Plays everything from MP3 to AGG
  • Possible to add skins and extensions
  • Displays images and sideshows


  • Doesn't have an album retrieval database
  • Doesn't allow the saving of playlists

Very good

MPLAY Multimedia Player is an extremely simple media player that makes it as easy as possible to mix and match your favourite music.

MPLAY was originally designed as an easy-to-use MP3 player but has grown to become an MP3 mixer, audio/midi player, video player and even an image viewer. You can even add things onto it such as an MP3 to AIFF converter and more. You could call it the Winamp of the Mac world if you like.

If you want to use it to view photos, you can do so while listening to music at the same time, which is a nice touch - you can expand slideshows to fill the whole screen as well which is a nice touch. MPLAY hasn't got an album retrieval database and it doesn't display album covers but the beauty is in it's simplicity and versatility.

MPLAY is a great option for all those who don't need something as bloated as iTunes to play their favorite tunes.



MPLAY 1.8.6

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